6 Weeks – 6 Years Daily Routine
6:30am – Opens
When you and your child arrive, sign in at the foyer.​ ​You can then make your way to our rooms, where breakfast is also being served at 7:30am. After breakfast your child has time to play and learn at their own pace, with the many interesting toys and activities set out in the room that we provide. Our educators will encourage your child to explore and discover their surroundings. You can communicate and provide feedback on your child with their teachers.
8:00am – Breakfast ends
At this point in the morning family grouping will end and the older children in the room will transition into their own rooms. The Nursery and Toddlers room schedules their nappy changes accordingly every two hours, beginning from 8:00am. Children continue free play and exploration with their educators. The educators also begin to implement any planned daily experiences.
9:00am – 9:30am Morning Tea Time
Your child has their hands cleaned by an educator to rid any germs after eating. Children who can eat solids will eat the morning tea from our menu. If your child requires a bottle the educator will confirm specific times for this.
8:00am – Breakfast ends
Straight after morning tea your child will be involved in a group time, where all the children are gathered and an educator will do a planned experience. The group time allows for your child to experience group work and activities.
11:30-12:00pm – Lunch
Your child will enjoy a hot meal from the menu, if your child is not on solids, bottles can be given at specific times.
12:30pm – Sleep
It is time now for your child to have a rest, if you do not want your child to rest at this time, our educators will confirm specific rest times with you.
2:00 – 3:00pm – Afternoon Tea
Depending on what time your child wakes up, we will provide them with afternoon tea from the menu. If your child requires a bottle the educator will confirm specific times for this.
3:30pm – Play and Learn and Afternoon Group times
Educators can implement planned and spontaneous experiences at this time; however, if your child is not interested then we will let them continue their free play.
4:30-5:00pm – Late Snack
It is time for your child to have a small nutritious late snack. If your child requires a bottle the educator will confirm specific times for this.
6:00pm – Closes
Your child will be engaged with their educator with spontaneous free play until you arrive to pick them up. When you arrive, you can check your child’s daily information sheet for sleeps and food eaten. Throughout the day you will receive reports on meals, nappy changes, sleep records and get glimpses of your child’s day observations via our Story Park App.

Our Preschool and Learning

This is a great time for you to grab your favorite book and share it with our centre and the children! Introduce your children at your local library or bookstore! Introduce nursery rhymes and sing-along games. Read aloud and pause at opportune spots, encouraging your child to join and repeat reading again and again. Children will develop saying the words and repeating along side you. Great way to bond with your children. Video your experiences and bring them along.

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Our Learning Environment

Children are welcomed into an atmosphere where they are free to explore each inviting corner. The centre is designed with children’s comfort and safety in mind. Rooms are fully air-conditioned and outdoor areas are shaded for sun-safety.

Educators create a learning program that excites and challenges children. Children’s individual interests inspire us to create new and engaging activities every day.

In the warm and welcoming environment we create, children feel free to express themselves, just as they would at home. Everyone is welcome and can belong at our centre.


 Children aged 4-5 years of age start to grow and develop. Their brain attention spans increase learning about numbers and letters which they being to become recognizable, and problems begin to be solved through play based learning. Improvements of social interactions and emotions are expressed more clearly through words, bonds of relationships with others are formed with educators and other children, and the enjoyment of achievement provides opportunities to become better successes.


Sunshine Kiddies Early Learning Centre

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